Thursday, October 2, 2008

Day one - part II: Stuff needs fixing

Before we could go any further certain things just could wait...

One of the toilets needed a new valve. And so I replaced what I'm certain is the first of many toilet valves. Those of you that know me know that one of the planks in my political platform is the derth of any decent quality tiolet valves for sale in this country today. In the last apartment, in less than five years, I replaced the toilet valve at least 3 times. It always seemed to be going bad, and then it would completely fail when we were having a party. So I've become adept at changing them even after having quite a few beers. When you only have one toilet, failure is not an option. Now with two bathrooms, this place is like the freakin' White House!

Oh, and by the way, check out our cool three tone green tile job. If anyone has a line on a jadite green toilet to match the tub and sink, drop me a note. Our's was yanked out recently and replaced with a low flow.

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nadzent said...

you'll appreciate the low flow toilet once you start paying for your water! Part of the joys of homeownership :-)
P.S. sexy pic